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Sunday, December 17 2017 @ 07:17 PM PST

Green Tech

Green Technology, Environment

You Tube Green-TV

Environmental technology "green technology" or clean technology (also abbreviated as CleanTech) is the application of the environmental sciences to conserve the natural environment and resources, and by curbing the negative impacts of human involvement. Sustainable development is the core of environmental technologies. When applying sustainable development as a solution for environmental issues, the solutions need to be socially equitable, economically viable, and environmentally sound. Green anarchists, criticise the concept due to their view of technology requiring the exploitation of the environment, thus making the idea contradictory.

Some environmental technologies that retain sustainable development are; recycling, water purification, sewage treatment, remediation, flue gas treatment, solid waste management, renewable energy, and others.

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SmartGridCity Goes Live

With the recent completion of infrastructure build-out and software deployment, Xcel Energy says its SmartGridCity project in Boulder, Colo., has become the world's first fully operational smart grid-enabled city.

The utility explains that all the automated functions of SmartGridCity have been linked, including those related to switching power through fully automated substations; re-routing power around bottlenecked lines; detecting power outages; and identifying outage risks. The deployment integrated more than 20 applications, 95 new interfaces and more than 300 test cases, Xcel says.
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Invention Uses Mountain Dew for Fuel

Inventor Paul Patone has created the GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology) Fuel Processor. A mod that allows you to run your car on about 80% water. Or possibly, just a nice cold Tab. “I haven’t invented the engine; all I’ve invented is the fuel delivery system. And this system will fit a gas engine, a diesel engine, a furnace, a boiler, it will fit anything including jet turbines,” Patone explains.
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Green invention special: Long-life solar cells

Long-life solar cells

Polymer solar cells used to convert sunlight to electricity are degraded by ultraviolet light, which limits their lifespan.

By Justin Mullins News

Yang Yang, a materials scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, US, has a simple solution. He suggests coating the solar cell with a material that converts ultraviolet photons into ones of visible light.

The new "photon conversion material" (PCM) converts harmful UV into longer wavelengths, enhancing efficiency of solar-energy conversion and reducing damage to cells. This should help the solar cells last longer, as well as increase their electrical yield.
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Green Technology - What is it?

The present expectation is that this field will bring innovation and changes in daily life of similar magnitude to the “information technology” explosion over the last two decades. In these early stages, it is impossible to predict what “green technology” may eventually encompass.